Fang Man Arrested for Stealing Knickers and Bras

 | Mon 12 Oct 2015 06:25 ICT

CityNews – October 9th, police arrested Surasak Jongjing, in his late twenties, for stealing 234 female under garments.

Earlier police had received numerous reports of stolen underwear by residents in the Fang district.

Women had complained numerous times that their underwear had been stolen from their clothing lines. The police began to observe the area where many bras and panties were stolen and identified a suspect in Surasak Jongjing, who was often found wandering around houses and apartments.

Once the police became convinced of his guilt, they searched his residence and discovered a haul of 234 undergarments. Surasak admitted to stealing them all and said that he enjoyed masterbating to their smell.

He awaits prosecution.