Facebook account hijacker arrested

 | Wed 3 Jul 2019 16:30 ICT

CityNews – Over 20 Facebook accounts have been hijacked by a tech savvy theft who used the accounts to get access to personal financial information.

On July 3rd, Nuttakorn ‘Tee’ Nimreung, 22, was arrested for stealing identities and violating the Computer Crime Act. His crime started in 2018 when he created a URL which had an appearance identical to the Facebook sign in page. The URL would be sent to his friends on a fake Facebook account, and it would save all the input information. Persons who received the link would be given reasons such as there are concerning pictures of them on this account, or their account has been copied.

After hijacking victims’ Facebook accounts, he would monitor the account activity and reached out to victims’ close friends claiming to have issue with a verification of the financial application. He would then ask for information such as ATM card numbers, ID, phone number and financial PIN. After having full access to the victims’ financial accounts he would withdraw their money through applications or transfer the money to his account.

There have been 22 victims in this case causing over 800,000 baht loss, most of them are nurses and pharmacists living in the north as he stated that northern people are easily tricked.