Ex-boyfriend was Attacked after Intervening in an Abusive Relationship

 | Fri 31 May 2019 10:49 ICT

CityNews – A man was attacked after trying to help his ex girlfriend from her abusive relationship.

Last week, Sampat Chatmongkon, 38, filed a report against Nabodee Anutwong, 37, after he was attacked. Sampat explained that on the night of May 17th, he was contacted by his ex girlfriend, who is in a relationship with Nabodee, to pick her up. When he arrived at the address given, a residence in Suthep, Nabodee showed up with a knife. He slashed Sampat’s car before getting physical. Sampat was injured with several wounds on his arms and hands before managed to drive away.

On May 30th, Sompat turned in additional evidence which included photos and a video clip. He stated that he was contacted by his ex girlfriend often when she has a fight with Nabodee, the boyfriend, which might have upset him and led to the attack. Sompat added that had heard that Nabodee was violent and abusive. Police are now investigating the case