DSI Urged to Investigate Exploitation of Women in Mae Hong Son by Ying Kai, A Hi-So Woman Under Investigation For Similar Charges in Bangkok

 | Tue 5 Jul 2016 07:28 ICT

CityNews – The District Clerk at Mae Sariang in Mae Hong Son has complained to the Department of Special Investigation’s Northern Operations Centre in Chiang Mai regarding claims that Ying Kai – who is under investigation for human trafficking and false allegations of stealing in Bangkok, targeting hill tribe workers – has also exploited three young local women who have spoken up against her after her other charges were made public.

DSI Ying Kai

District Clerk Boonyarit Nipawanich has urged the DSI Northern Operations Centre to investigate claims that three local women were also exploited and trafficked by the woman.

The high-society woman identified as Ying Kai or Wanthanee Yokwiriyakul is under investigation for the use of a Civil Servant Passport despite having no history as a civil servant, and accusing her house maids and other hired staff in her household of stealing vast amounts of gold from her home.

The accused strongly claim that they have not stole any gold and were accused only after they refused suspicious offers by Ying Kai to go and work for her abroad.

You can read more about the Bangkok related proceedings here.

Boonyarit says that there is audio recordings from three local young women who all testify that Ying Kai had visited the Mar La District in Mae Hong Son in 2008 and targeted young teenage women to come and work her her for 7,000 baht per month. However all three soon found they were being exploited.

Ying Kai took their ID cards, refused to pay them the promised salary and often took them over the border to Laos and Burma to visit casinos and other border town establishments.

When they tried to leave, Ying Kai then accused them of stealing her property and threatened contacting the police.

It is unclear whether a case was ever opened by the Mae Hong Son police at that time.

Two of the three local women do not wish to appear in the media in fear of repercussions from Ying Kai.

The DSI Special Investigation’s Northern Operations Centre has received the complaint and is currently looking into the evidence provided and considering whether the case should be opened or not.