Drug Cartel Dealers Arrested in Sting Operation (Video)

 | Thu 12 May 2016 08:01 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Police in partnership with the Phamuang Force who lead drug busts in the north of Thailand sucessfully arrested three members of a drug cartel during a sting operation in Charoen Muang Soi 7.

arrested drug cartel

On May 8, police arrested a 31-year-old man identified only as Songkrod, who had 11 yaba pills on him. After his arrest, more information was collected about a local drug cartel and with information provided by Songkrod, a sting operation was arranged.

The drug dealers were asked to come by Songkrod’s house and sell him a large pack of yaba pills.

As the deal was underway, plain clothed police officers emerged and successfully arrested the three people in a pickup owned by the drug dealer.

26-year-old Noppadol, 24-year-old Anirut and 25-year-old Teerachai (surnames withheld), were arrested at the scene and their pickup, 30 amphetamine pills, 2 tubes of amphetamine, 3,000 baht in cash and their mobile phones were seized.

Police then arrested the girlfriend of Noppadol, 19-year-old Nujaree (surname withheld), after evidence was found of her purchasing yaba pills via Facebook and telephone.

The drug bust was filmed and then shared online . You can watch the video courtesy of CM108 by clicking here, or watching below.