Drink Driver Who Killed Three Cyclists Last Year Sentenced to Two Years, Gets Immediate Bail

 | Wed 1 Jun 2016 05:49 ICT

CityNews – A woman who killed three cyclists and injured four others in May 2015 after hitting them while drink driving has been given two years suspended sentence, with bail being granted immediately.

drunk bike killer

24-year-old Patsuda Jairuen was first sentenced to four years in prison and ordered to pay 2.1 million baht to the families of the deceased.

However, she immediately appealed the case, asking for bail that was granted immediately.

After the final hearing, the judge reduced the sentence by half as she confessed to causing death by drink driving, and also cut the money to be paid.

Patsuda has been told to pay 1.7 million baht to one family who saw two family members die from the collision, and another family 435,000 baht.

The three cyclists killed were 40-year-old Pongthep Kamkaew, 62-year-old Saman Kantha and 63-year-old Chaiwat Yonglan.

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The families of the deceased say that two years suspended sentence with immediate bail cannot compensate the death of three people and the injury of four others, but must respect the courts decision.

The daughters of Chaiwat told reporters that despite paying an additional 100,000 baht for funeral costs, Patsuda has never visited or apologised for he actions.