Convited Murder-Rapist Stabs Nurse And Steals Her Belongings Before Fleeing

 | Wed 1 Jun 2016 05:11 ICT

CityNews – A convicted murder-rapist has been arrested in Uttardit on suspicion of murdering an assistant nurse in Lamphun, stealing her things and fleeing the scene.


31-year-old Saijai Keawnormuang, an assistant nurse working in Lamphun was found dead, naked on the floor of her apartment with 11 stab wounds on May 31.

There was a clear struggle before the murder, as the room was trashed. In addition, her gold necklace and two cell phones were also reported stolen.

After gathering evidence, police arrested a man in connection with the murder at his home in Uttaradit, where he had fled to after the attack.

25-year-old Sathaporn Leeleang was living together with Saijai in the same apartment.

Sathaporn has previous rape and murder convictions in a case several years ago.

He has been arrested and awaits trial.