CMU Student Murdered by Boyfriend in Brutal Attack

 | Mon 8 Feb 2016 05:19 ICT

CityNews – A young man was arrested on February 8, after his girlfriend was found brutally murdered in their apartment earlier last week.

CMU student murderer

On February 5, police were called to an apartment on Suthep Road where the body of 21-year-old Prapasara Banchuen was found. She was a second year student at Chiang Mai University.

She was found on her bed by friends who had asked the owner of the apartment to open the room for them after they had lost contact with her for a few days. She was fatally stabbed seven times in the torso and also had her throat cut.

Police believed she was murdered several days before she was found.

According to residents in the building, her and her boyfriend, 20-year-old Athibodee Kaewtim, argued almost every night and often disturbed other residents in the apartment building.

Athibodee moved to Chiang Mai with Prapasara when she enrolled at Chiang Mai University.

Murdered Student

Victim, Prapasara Banchuen

According to friends of the suspect and victim, Athibodee had been out of contact for a few days too.

After police released an arrest warrant, they managed to track him down. He was found playing video games in an internet cafe just several hundred metres away from the apartment, still on Suthep Road.

Athibodee confessed to the murder, saying that on Wednesday February 3 he was playing video games in her room when she came home. They then began to argue, and she accused him of not doing anything apart from playing video games. She also was angry at him for playing video games instead of going out and getting a job.

He confessed that he became enraged, pushed her onto the bed and strangled her before grabbing a knife and stabbing her seven times.

Police accepted the confession but believe there is more to the story than Athibodee has confessed so far.

Athibodee was taken to reenact the scene and was met by the friends and relatives of Prapasara who hurled abuse at him while police led him away.

He remains in police custody, awaiting trial and further investigations.