Chinese Temple Thief Caught After Breaking Leg in Fall

 | Thu 15 Jun 2017 06:45 ICT

CityNew – Wat Phra That Doi Kham in Mae Hia’s CCTV caught a Chinese man using a rope with sticky glue to steal banknotes from donation boxes.

According to the police, on the evening of the 13th of June, temple authorities were alerted when they saw 31 year old Wei Zengguang and his accomplice, who was the lookout, stealing money from the temple’s donation box. They managed to apprehend the two and locked them up pending police arrival. The two men were also discovered with twelve pieces of string with strips of glue attached, as well as other equipment police speculate were used for theft. They also had 11.880 baht in cash as well as 23 other currencies in cash in a bag and in the pocket of the accused was also 38,992 baht in cash. However, after they were locked up for the night, the two men managed to escape, though the stolen goods and cash were already confiscated.

The police turned up on the 14th and searched the temple grounds until they were told that a Chinese man was injured. They found Wei Zengguang at the bottom of the naga staircase, covered in scratches and bruises. He had also broken his leg during his escape down the stairs the previous day. The police took him to the hospital for treatment and got the name of his accomplice, Wei Renggu. The two will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.