Chinese Man Steals Guitar From Love Hotel

 | Fri 9 Oct 2015 07:27 ICT

CityNews – October 8, police arrested a Chinese suspect, 30-year-old Xue Jingguo, owner of a store in Lamphun, for stealing a guitar from a motel in the Chang Phuak area.

guitar stolen

The police also seized the guitar valued at 3,000 baht and a car as evidence.

On the night of 19 September, the police were informed by Sukomwut Tansa-nguanwong, manager of the motel named The Time Movement, that a thief stole a guitar valued at around 3,000 baht, used as a decoration in the hotel’s room.

The hotel’s CCTV footages captured a man sneaking out of the room with the guitar. The man then put the guitar in his car. The police found the suspect easily using the car’s registration plate and identified the suspect as Xue.

Xue confessed that he and his friends went to a karaoke bar in the city. When they were drunk, they invited female friends to have sex at the motel. As he was in the room, he saw the guitar and wanted it, so he took it.