Chiang Mai Girl Reports Fake Facebook Page Using Her Image to Sell Used Underwear

 | Wed 24 Jan 2018 04:34 ICT

CityNews – A 19 year old woman has filed a complaint to the police after she discovered that her identity was being used to sell used female underwear through a Facebook page.

Tunyamai Inpanya discovered that her old Facebook account had been hacked and set up to sell used underwear by someone impersonating her after a friend brought it to her attention.

She was shocked and humiliated so decided to report the case to the police to clear her name and find the person responsible. On January 22 she made the report.

After police messaged the admin, the impersonator claimed they were the cousin of Tunyamai, called Mild, and she was selling her own and her family’s used underwear.

Tunyamai told police that she does not know anyone by that name in her family and the impersonator is lying. Police discovered the Facebook page was being operated out of Bangkok and are investigating further.