Chiang Mai Abuse Victim Meets Police and Attacker Charged with Assault

 | Wed 25 Apr 2018 03:12 ICT

CityNews – The boyfriend who allegedly abused his girlfriend has turned himself in after his victim shared photos and a Facebook Live video explaining the attack.

In wake of the brutal abuse witnessed in a Facebook Live video that shocked the country, a number of women have taken to Facebook Live themselves to tell their stories of abuse, including a Chiang Mai woman who was recently attacked by her boyfriend for accidentally throwing away his electronic cigarette on April 24.

Reports yesterday stated that the police opened an investigation into the issue, but were unable to locate the victim at the time.

After turning their investigation towards the attacker, 35 year old Sorayut Mongpraneet turned himself in to a local police station accompanied by his mother.

He told police that he did attack her but was outraged after his girlfriend, nicknamed Toon, used bad words to describe his parents. He also wanted to clarify that although Toon claimed he relied on her earnings entirely, his mother actually gave him 18,000 baht a month to cover living expenses.

He also claimed that this was the first time he attacked his girlfriend, despite her claiming it had happened many times in the past in her Facebook Live video.

Later in the afternoon, the victim visited the police station accompanied with her mother to report the case. She told police that for the last three years she has been physically abused by her boyfriend and this was not the only time.

Police have charged Sorayut with assault and is being tested for drugs, while Toon is seeking medical treatment and a full examination to help support the case.