Burmese Thief Uses Drugs To Daze Victims in Market

 | Tue 14 Jun 2016 05:52 ICT

CityNews – A Burmese woman was arrested on June 13 after reports were made about a woman pick-pocketing and stealing peoples bags in the Muang Mai Market by rubbing drugs in the faces of her victims to daze them.

drug thief market

On June 10, police received a complaint from Khungau Lungling, after she was approached by a woman who rubbed an unidentified drug up her nose, then convinced her to part with her golden necklace and bracelets.

After an investigation by police, they managed to track down the woman and arrest her red-handed while she was in the process of deceiving another victim.

The woman was identified as 48-year-old Hom LungSang from Burma. She was found to be in possession of a golden bracelet, expensive cloth and an unidentified drug.

She admitted to playing the same trick and violating her victims with a drug over 20 times since April 2016. She also told police she only target Burmese victims.