Burmese Man Arrested in Connection to House Robbery

 | Tue 21 Feb 2017 04:27 ICT

CityNews – Police have arrested a young Burmese man after he was identified as the man responsible for a break-in at a property in Chiang Mai.

dam burmese robber

Mae Jo’s police department have arrested Dam or Ker, aged 18 from Burma after he was found with property marked as stolen including gold necklaces, an iPhone 4s, a black bag, a black LE motorcycle and a bag filled with tools used for house robbery.

The owners of the house reported the break-in to police and soon after police stopped Dam next to the woodland near the victim’s house. Dam attempted to escape into the wood but was soon caught by police officers.

Dam told police that he lost his job and needed money so he resorted to robbing homes and selling the stolen items for money.