Brother Killed After Argument With Knives Turns Fatal

 | Wed 24 Feb 2016 04:10 ICT

CityNews – One man was left dead after two brothers argued with knives resulting in a fatal stab wound on February 21.

brother stabbing

57-year-old Wirat Boonpermpoon gave himself up to police after he fatally stabbed his brother, 52-year-old Wanchai Boonpermpoon.

Wanchai was found with several stab wounds over his body and his throat was cut.

According to Wirat, his brother was an alcoholic and often drank alone at home. He often became roudy, disturbing Wirat and his neighbours.

Wirat told police that while he was sleeping, his brother was drunk and began making very loud noises. Wirat told him to be quiet but he ignored him, causing tensions to rise and an argument ensued.

He grabbed a knife to threaten his brother, but Wanchai grabbed another knife and tried to attack Wirat. As a result Wirat used his knife to defend himself and fatally stabbed his brother.

Police have told the press that do not fully believe the suspects claims and have arrested him awaiting prosecution.

The body of Wanchai was taken for autopsy and investigations are ongoing.