A Brit was Attacked in Pai

 | Fri 31 May 2019 16:46 ICT

CityNews – A British man is suffering severe injuries after he reportedly intervened in a fight between tourists and brawlers in Pai.

On the night of of May 20th Luke Benjamin Thornton, a 37 year old British man and his Thai wife were visiting Pai. According to his wife’s statement, they were stopped and had a chat with another group of tourists on the roadside when they spotted a caravan of motorcycles passing by.

The last motorcycle in the group allegedly drove towards them which sparked a dispute between them and the driver, and eventually led to a fight. The driver was identified as Sanpeth Robert Porter, 29, Thai.

According to Thornton’s wife, her husband was attempting to break up the fight but was also attacked by Sanpeth. Then the rest of the motorcycle gang, who saw that the fight had begun, allegedly ganged up on Thornton before fleeing the scene.

Thornton has been hospitalised since then. His wife revealed that her husband is having trouble with his eye sight as his orbit was damaged among other injuries.

Police are able to identify another two bawlers who are Anupon Kongpiti, 35, and Kantapong Kongpaka, 23, but according to the wife there has not been much of the progress on the case and she fears that it will go cold.