Attacker and Mother Recovering After Attack

 | Tue 29 Sep 2015 08:58 ICT

CityNews – The mentally ill man who attacked a group of children, is making progress in hospital after recovering from an attack by locals after they discovered his crime in Chai Prakan district on September 27. The mother is also making progress in hospital, according to the Nakronping Hospital.

child attacker

The mother, who was also attacked, is also being treated in hospital. She is eight months pregnant and currently mentally unsettled and in severe shock after the attack.

Local doctors and nurses have also offered assistance to the father and family members affected by the attack.

Apasa Seewua, the mentally ill man who attacked the children, is currently in custody of Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital. Doctors and police are trying to figure out his motivation for the attack.

According to Asapa’s father, Laochao Saelee, he had been suffering from major depression ever since his wife left him and took their children with her. After Asapa was discharged from Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital, his father ensured he continued to take his medication.

However, according to Police Major General Montree Sambunnanon, commander of Chiang Mai Provincial Police, it is believed that Apasa was also consuming illegal drugs which may have caused hallucinations.

Laochao has apologised for his son’s actions and has agreed to help with the funeral expenses.