Armed Robbers Arrested

 | Tue 2 Jun 2015 05:40 ICT

CityNews – Police arrested three Shan men in connection with armed robbery and seized a firearm, ammunition and an unregistered motorcycle on Sunday, May 31st.


The three suspects, Orn (no surname), 25, Lao (no surname), 22 and Ek (no surname), were arrested for theft and illegal possession of the gun and ammunition.

According to police reports, the suspects were involved with the armed robbery of 53-year-old Inkam Tiapnee and Jinatara Chaipan. The victims explained that they were robbed at gun point by five men on motorcycles who beat Inkam in the head until he was unconscious and forced Jintana to give them her apron which contained around 7,000 baht and also stole her Buddha amulet.

The victims informed police immediately of the incident.

Later, the police arrested another suspect, Kammao Inta, 23, Shan, originally from Burma, and seized the stolen apron that was left in an apartment in Sansai.

Kammao admitted to the crime, and confessed that he had split the money with his Shan friends and they split up.

Four out of the five have been arrested, but one more suspect, known as Seeha, is still on the run.

Though the suspects said they only committed one robbery, any victims that experience a similar incident are encouraged to inform the police immediately.