Anti-Drugs Mum Caught with 1.5 Million Yaba Pills  

 | Fri 18 Jan 2019 17:41 ICT

Anti-Drugs Mum Caught with 1.5 Million Yaba Pills 

CityNews – On 18th January 2019 the 5th Region Police took a search warrant to Pillow Housing Estate in Patan Sub-district, Chiang Mai but failed to find any incriminating evidence.

On 6th December 2018 authorities in Phrae Province had set up a police checkpoint which stopped a Toyota Hyundai van being driven by ‘an attractive woman’ called Kalyakorn Siriphatrasomboon, 38, of Chin Haw descent who was registered as living in Saraphee District of Chiang Mai. Inside the truck there were eight sacks of yaba pills totalling 1.5 million tablets.

Authorities immediately raided and confiscated Kalyakorn’s houses, both of which were in Saraphee. Neighbours and friends were shocked to hear about this news as Kalyakorn had recently built a football pitch for her son and the public slating her aim as promoting sports to keep the youth away from drugs.

She has been formally arrested.