82 Year Old Man Arrested for Woman’s Murder

 | Mon 27 Apr 2015 04:50 ICT

CityNews – Changpuek police were informed of a death in a motel of Muang Chiang Mai’s Patan sub-district, Chiang Mai on the evening of April 26th.

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Police found a dead body in the bathroom of the motel which was later identified as 42-year-old Wan (her surname cannot be identified).

She was stabbed in the chest and her neck was strangled with a robe and a bra.

A motorbike found outside had a licence plate listed to Sornmanas Kittikun, the owner of a vegetarian restaurant where Wan worked.

After police questioned Sornmanas, they discovered that she had been asked to go buy produce from the local market but never returned. He also mentioned an elderly man who regularly visited the restaurant and often asked after Wan.

Police tracked down the old man, identified as 82-year-old Srimuang Panyasung, who imediately admitted to killing Wan.

He told police that Wan can called him earlier that day to borrow 1,000 baht.

But after he found out she was earning enough money from her job he asked for the money back. After she refused, he invite her to meet at the motel.

As she was about to take a shower, he asked for the money again, however she refused and they began to argue. He opened the bathroom door and pushed her and she fell. He strangled her and later tied his robe around her neck.

Srimuang is now awaiting prosecution.