80 Million Drug Bust

 | Fri 16 Oct 2015 09:41 ICT

CityNews – The fifth region police along with the governor of Chiang Mai raided a large heroin drug trafficking gang headed by A-Seupa Laomi, confiscating a condominium, five houses, land and goods valued at over 80 million baht.


16th October, authorities raided three areas in Chiang Ma belonging to A-Seupa Laomi, otherwise known as Kittipan Aksuriyachoke, who is originally from Chiang Dao District. The police were led to him by the arrest on October 7th of a man found with 123 bricks of heroin weighing 43 kilograms. He revealed that he was taking the drugs to Bangkok to sell for A-Seupa.

This is a latest in a string of arrests following the bust of another heroin gang in July, since then police say they have busted five gangs. Recently, on 14th and 15th October, police check points on the Pai-Chiang Mai Road also arrested five people carrying large numbers of y aba. In the past few weeks, police say, they have arrested a total of 36 drug dealers and confiscated 2,677 ya ba pills, 5.56 kilomgrams of heroin and 7.6 grams of opium.