17-year-old Robs Internet Store To Pay For Dowry

 | Tue 5 May 2015 04:10 ICT

CityNews – A 17-year-old boy was arrested after he held up a 3BB Internet Service Provider Customer Service store in Mae Rim, stealing 31,000 baht in cash last Saturday.

teen robber

Police traced the boy, currently a student at an unnamed school in Lamphun, and arrested him at a restaurant on the Chiang Mai – Fang road yesterday afternoon.

Police also seized a BB gun and a pickup car thought to have been used in the robbery.

The boy was wearing hat and covered his face during the robbery, but after sketch artists made recreations of his face, an arrest warrant could be issued.

After he was arrested, the suspect confessed to the robbery, telling police he wanted the money to get engaged with his 15-year-old girlfriend from Mae Teng. They currently live together in an apartment.

The engagement ceremony was held last Saturday, but the girl’s family asked for a dowry of 100,000 baht which the boy didn’t have. He told police that his parents did not want to support the marriage, so he planned to rob a gold store in Mae Rim.

However, most gold stores were closed so he resorted to robbing a 3BB customer service store.

He then brought a gold necklace with some of the money and presented that, along with the remaining 11,000 baht, as a dowry.

He then escaped to Chiang Mai to lie-low but was traced by police and arrested. He will be prosecuted.