Chiang Mai University Lecturer Caught Filming Under Student’s Skirts

 | Tue 6 Nov 2018 07:20 ICT

Three Chiang Mai University students reported a case on November 1st against a university lecturer who was caught recording video under a student’s skirt. The students have been suspecting the alleged lecturer since August this year as he always put his tablet on the floor near the registration desk where students are required to sign in at the beginning of the class. The suspect was teaching Thai at the Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University.

Ploy (alias), the 19 year old student who noticed the crime, stated that the suspect would become upset every time the tablet was moved from its location on the floor. She then asked a friend, who studied in a different session of the same lecturer’s class, if she also noticed the suspect behaving suspiciously. Ploy and two of her friends managed to grab the tablet and deliver it to the university’s administration.  Investigators found a 12 minute video clip peaking under a students skirts.

Chiang Mai University released a statement the following day (November 2nd) stating that the university has set up a committee to work on the issue and that the alleged lecturer has resigned.