Two paths for vaccinations for expats

 | Mon 2 Aug 2021 15:52 ICT

here are now two options for senior expatriates to register for vaccinations, though vaccination dates and details are yet to be announced.

Here in Chiang Mai vaccination for registered non-Thai nationals will take place at McCormick Hospital as of today, according to an announcement by the Public Health Office Chiang Mai on the Wall of Chiang Mai page. Registration will start with the over 70s group and if vaccines are left over they will be passed on to the over 60s group. Monitor your SMS/Emails closely. Notification will most likely be in the form of a SMS from McCormick Hospital. Vaccinations will take place at McCormick Hospital (95 Years Building).

At this time there is no confirmed information as to which vaccination the registered will receive. Please register between noon and 3pm at McCormick hospital from today until 6th August.

The second option for vaccination is via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and applies to non-Thai nationals nationwide. This COVID-19 vaccination registration is for foreign residents in Thailand who have never received COVID-19 vaccination before.

Past vaccination record is stored in the medical database. Should medical record show previous COVID-19 vaccinations, you will be denied inoculation on-site.

Please note that priority is given to foreign residents aged 60 years and above and to those with pregnancy (at least 12 weeks) and those who have one of the 7 underlying medical conditions below:

1. Chronic respiratory diseases

2. Cardiovascular diseases

3. Chronic kidney diseases

4. Cerebrovascular diseases

5. All types of cancer during chemotherapy, radiotherapy and autoimmune therapy

6. Diabetes

7. Obesity (weighing more than 100 kilograms or BMI more than 35 kilograms per square metre)

Emails acknowledging your registration and advising the assigned date and site of your vaccination will be sent to you after completing your registration process. Click here to access online registration.