Two dead, 89 tested positive and vaccine registration in May

 | Wed 28 Apr 2021 16:31 ICT

According to the Covid response centre earlier today, two people are reported to have died after being infected by the virus. The first is a 48 year old woman who suffers from thyroid and tested positive on the 20th April. After being admitted to Nakornping Hospital, she died of shock from blood infection on the 25th April.

The second person is a 49 year old man who had high blood pressure, diabetes and is obese, says authorities who went on to tell the media his weight. He began to have symptoms on the 15th April and tested positive on the 24th April. He was admitted to hospital for respiratory failure on the 25th of April and died the same day.

According to the centre, today’s number of newly infected people is 89, a satisfying number, according to officials as it has been below 100 for many days now. In total 3,448 people have been infected this year, with 1,452 having returned home after testing positive.

The recent outbreak at the Chiang Mai Prison in Mae Taeng has grown from 144 people who have tested positive to 177, according to the Covid response centre.

With only a couple of dozen or so newly infected, the authorities believe that this outbreak will soon be under control. Dr. Songyot Khamchai, the head of the working group at the Public Health Office announced earlier today that there have not been any new clusters found in Chiang Mai and that contact tracing is helping to control the infections.

In total 20,000 people in Chiang Mai have been vaccinated and more medical personnel or high risk people are being vaccinated now.

The public can register for vaccination at any hospital as of the 1st May with the first doses to be administered in June.