Three women travelling from Myanmar tested positive for Covid

 | Wed 2 Dec 2020 18:04 ICT

Today a press conference was held where the governor of Chiang Mai, Charoen Sanguansat along with Dr. Jatuchai Maneerat, head of the Chiang Mai provincial health office, to offer up the timeline of the two latest known patients, both women, aged 23 and 25 years old, and both of whom crossed into Thailand from Myanmar on the 26th November.

The two women travelled with another woman who is from Phayao. After crossing the border and realising that she had travelled from a high risk place the woman from Phayao voluntarily came to Chiang Mai for a test which found her to be positive for the virus (her case number is attributed to Phayao province, not Chiang Mai).

Her two travel companions were then called in to be tested and were both found to be positive.

All women had been mindful not to interact with many people, said the report. They did spend sometime living with a relative in Santitham however, and she has been tested and is currently awaiting results from her government quarantine accommodation.

The three women had walked across the border before travelling on three motorcycles to a friend’s home in Mae Ai where they spent a few nights. On the 28th November they took the 11am bus to Chiang Mai, arriving at the place in Santitam. The woman from Phayao went to get tested on the 30th November.

On the 1st December her test results revealed that she had the virus and her two companions were immediately called in for testing, which showed that they too had the virus.

Contact tracing has revealed that there are three high risk individuals and two lower risk individuals who have been in close contact with the women and they are currently awaiting test results.

Officials also ask people who joined the concert at Singh Park on the 29th November in Chiang Rai to please self quarantine for 14 days as precaution.