Photos from inside the women’s quarantine at the field hospital

 | Wed 14 Apr 2021 11:41 ICT

Photos from inside the government quarantine are showing a shambolic response to this order which will see anyone with the virus avoiding the government quarantine facing up to two years in jail.

In spite of being unprepared, it is reported that over 600 people are now housed in the government’s quarantine at the Chiang Mai Convention Centre.

Today a woman shared photographs with Citylife, telling us that there is currently a toilet crisis, with only seven toilets for all the women, three of which are currently full and unable to be used, the remaining toilets being very dirty.

While most of these asymptomatic patients are expected to wear hospital clothes, there are not enough to go round. However, the food is reported to be of good standards with three meals per day provided and an option to order food in from Grab or Food Panda, as long as it is prepaid.

“I really wish the government would allow us to quarantine at home as they are just simply not prepared to take care of us all,” the woman told Citylife, though she asked to remain anonymous as she is still under quarantine and didn’t want to be seen as criticising the authorities.

However, another woman who reached out to us this morning said, “I am really happy I get to quarantine here with so many other women, it is better than being isolated at home and lonely. Last night we had lots of mango and sauce and many of us stayed up chatting late and it was fun.”

According to the document advising ‘behaviour during quarantine’, all patients must be in quarantine for ten days from the day they are confirmed to have the virus. Masks must be worn at all times in quarantine and photographs are not allowed, though many have been leaked to the media. Patients are expected to take their temperatures and check their blood oxygen levels as well as blood pressure twice a day and there is an emergency number with which to call medical personnel should there be any necessity. Lights are left on at all times.

“I really wish I could go home and self-isolate,” insisted the first woman, while the second woman added, “it’s all quite sanuk.”

A man who went out to many bars before being tested positive also wrote to us, “We can hear lots of women loudly drying their hair, chatting and apparently eating mango, it sounds fun over there. Just knowing that all around me outside are negative is enough for me to be happy. I am quite content in here.”