Padad struggles to get eligible citizens booked for vaccinations

 | Thu 13 May 2021 11:52 ICT

Volunteers at community clinics are struggling to convince many at risk people, especially the elderly, to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Veerachai Chaimongkol, Padad head, there are 2,000 people living in the subdistrict of 17,000, who are eligible for the vaccine. However, only under 20% of this group has so far signed up for the vaccine.

Community volunteers are therefore going out to have discussions about the vaccine with various community groups, attempting to explain to them the low risks of taking the vaccine and the importance of doing so.

Duankaew Jaikhamteu, 80, says that he has been sleepless for worry of catching the virus, yet has not made up his mind yet about the vaccine. “I work as an undertaker which means that I am potentially exposed to the virus more than most,” he told CityNews. “However, because of my age and the many ailments which come with it, I am very concerned about the vaccination and its safety.”

Duankaew spent the day yesterday talking to community volunteers who explained risks and factors to him, but remains unconvinced.

“I have read a lot in many media, and it is all very confusing and concerning,” he added.