Outbreak in Mae Rim Child Development Centre

 | Fri 9 Jul 2021 15:02 ICT

Authorities warn that the spread of Covid-19 in Chiang Mai now is of great concern.

Fourteen people in Mae Rim have tested positive in the past three days, with nearly 300 at-risk people, who are being closely monitored.

The local Mother and Child hospital is being dedicated entirely towards children and their families who are Covid-positive.

The number of cases across Chiang Mai can be growing exponentially, warned the Covid Response Centre this afternoon at a press conference.

After a whole month of daily single-digit cases in Chiang Mai province, on the 5th of July Chiang Mai reported 17 new cases, on the 6th, 26 new cases, on the 7th 29 new cases and yesterday 31 new cases.

Today’s latest outbreak is at the Small Child Development Centre, Mae Rim where two children and three family members have tested positive and are currently hospitalised. Ten other members of the family are under quarantine pending test results. A member of staff from the Mae Sa Sub-district has set up a tent at the bottom of the family’s soi to keep a close eye on the situation and be of assistance to the family, said the centre.

The Mae Rim district chief posted on the office’s Facebook page a total of 256 people may have been exposed to the virus from the child development outbreak. He urges people to refrain from using government facilities and offices unless necessary.

Mae Rim district will work closely with the public health office to provide the best facilities for Covid-positive children and their families, as the province has never had to care for such potentially large number of infected young children before. Every comfort, convenience and treatment will be provided the office said in a statement.