Outbreak following Sanpakoi funeral

 | Thu 5 Aug 2021 15:54 ICT

Some villagers in Sanpakoi have expressed concerns and hundreds have headed to the public health office for Covid-19 tests, following reports of twelve people testing positive after attending a funeral earlier this month, five from one family.

Over 300 villagers working in and visiting the Thong Kham fresh market in the Wat Sanpakoi area, have been lining up for Covid tests since news broke on the 3rd August of a potential outbreak.

“I work in a school and when I heard that someone tested negative in the area I decided to be safer rather than sorry and get a test,” said Pirawan Panjaikaew, 32, who said that she is relieved that she has tested positive. “I am healthy and am not really at risk, but there are people I come into contact with who are vulnerable, I need to ensure that I don’t harm them.”

“I can now breathe easy and relax,” she added.

Of the 12 people who attended the recent funeral and tested positive, one was also an attendant who had arrived from Bangkok for the funeral.

A total of 47 people have tested positive in Chiang Mai today, bringing this year’s total to 5,804.