Latest update on the virus in Chiang Mai

 | Fri 9 Jul 2021 11:49 ICT

The provincial Covid Response Centre has announced that there has been another cluster of infected persons in the province, leading to the reopening of the field hospital in order to alleviate pressure on hospitals.

The centre announced yesterday that 31 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus, with 141 currently in various government (104) and private (37) hospitals with four more being evaluated.

In total 88 are considered ‘green’ patients, with no or little symptoms, 40 are ‘yellow’ patients with some symptoms, 11 have many concerning symptoms while two are critical.

Of 1,874 tested yesterday, 31 tested positive. It is believed that the latest cluster has come about from people travelling to Chiang Mai from ‘deep red’ provinces. Authorities are concerned that many who have tested positive who arrived from other provinces did not check into the CM Chana application, as required by law, and fear that there are many more who also avoided any government sanctioned reporting.

Authorities also visited a migrant labour camp in Mae Ai District to do spot tests, but found no one who tested positive. A further 205 arrivals at the airport were also spot tested, with no positive cases. As of today, all arrivals by train and at the Arcade bus station can also be subject to spot checks.

The latest cluster has grown around a coffee shop in Sansai, which has so far spread to ten people today and five yesterday, all of whom tested positive. Contact tracing has led authorities to fear that there may be four other possible clusters spread from this Sansai coffee cluster, and all are being closely monitored.

To date, 843,471 people in Chiang Mai have registered for the vaccine, with 165,119 now fully inoculated.