Covid checkup centre overflowing

 | Sun 11 Apr 2021 14:16 ICT

CityNews – On Friday we reported that there were 186 confirmed cases in Chiang Mai of Covid-19. Yesterday that number climbed to 381, and today at 1pm the Covid Centre announced that the confirmed total is 662 people, with many more expected to be confirmed in the coming days, following an outbreak which is believed to have come mainly from night time entertainment venues.

There are now more virus checkpoints across the city, though the main one at the 7000 Year Convention Centre remains the largest and most busy.

People are first checked for the virus, then if there are health concerns there is a digital x-ray machine to screen those who need to be hospitalised. Those who are asymptomatic will then be quarantined in government-provided accommodation. Initially 280 beds were provided for asymptomatic patients at the convention centre, but there are now 1,000 beds readied, with more being prepared.

As the queues continued to extend, many private citizens came to donate water, dried food, masks and other necessities.

There is still high demand for 11 litre water bottles, say authorities, as well as N95 masks.

To donate please call 053-010562 and 053-010561.