Chiang Mai’s deep cleanse

 | Fri 27 Mar 2020 12:03 ICT

CityNews – 26th March 2020, Komsan Suwannampha, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai along with delegates from the municipality, the Military Circle 33 and other authorities began a deep scrub of the city, starting off with spraying and scrubbing public areas. A 1,000 litre HORUS Airbrush Car from Japan was used to spray disinfectant along city streets from Tha Pae to Night Bazaar and Chang Moi. High risk items from traffic lights, ATMs, sliding doors, handrails and such were all disinfected and will continue to be as a team will do the rounds until the situation clears.

This task, said the deputy governor, is a joint effort between the state and the public sector. Today’s efforts will centre around the Arcade Bus Station and various government offices which remain open. The aim is to completely clean the city and surrounding housing estates by Sunday.