Chiang Mai’s cases rise to 1,190

 | Wed 14 Apr 2021 11:47 ICT

Yesterday’s press announcement at the provincial hall reported another 260 cases of confirmed people tested positive, bringing the Chiang Mai total now to 1,190.

The covid response centre went on to say that Chiang Mai is now in a critical stage of the pandemic and all precautions must be taken, as authorities remain concerned.

Queues for tests continue to be the largest gathering of people in a week which traditionally sees the city crowded with Songkran revellers.

The checkup points in front of Warm Up Café and the Neurological Hospital have seen a steady line for days now, with many younger people seeking testing.

One man standing in line told CityNews that he heard that someone he worked with had been to a pub two days ago and had tested positive. While he himself hadn’t had any personal contact, he wanted to get tested so that he wouldn’t be the cause of spreading the virus to anyone else, “am not doing this for me, but for others so that I don’t spread the virus on. I will take care of myself, but I also care about other people.”

Test results are known within 48 hours, at which time those tested positive are contacted by medical personal to find out if they have symptoms, at which point they would be taken to hospital, or are then quarantined.