Case 41 no longer has virus​

 | Mon 18 May 2020 18:09 ICT

At today’s situational briefing on the COVID virus, it was reported that Chiang Mai is back in the clear as the last patient who had a virus no longer has any signs of it. ​

Following a streak of 34 days when Chiang Mai had zero reports of anyone with coronavirus, it was reported last week that a man had returned from Phuket and had been in quarantine for 13 days before he underwent a mandatory test which showed that he had the virus.​

He was asymptomatic, but was treated in hospital, but has now been cleared.​

Dr. Chatuchai Maneerat of the public health office said that this last patient was tested on the 13th of this month as part of a proactive strategy. Whereas in the past mainly it was only patients with symptoms were tested, but following 34 days with no new cases, authorities decided to test any at-risk people and since this man had registered his arrival back from Phuket, he was deemed a good candidate. He was sent to Nakornping Hospital on the 13th when he tested positive. Two independent tests revealed that he had the virus, but during his time at the hospital he displayed no symptoms of the illness. On the 14th when he was retested, the results came back negative. Two more days he was retested and again found negative. He has now returned home though will be expected to be in quarantine for a further 14 days to be sure. ​

It was speculated that he must have been in the last stages of the illness when he was tested. ​

Officials went on to say that they were concerned for the rights of this patient as some people had been sharing photos of his house on social media and the effect on his family and his life could last a long time. They warned that while this patient is no longer a danger to society, it is society itself which is a danger to him. ​