All five recent cases contained and no new cases for 14 days, says public health office

 | Fri 11 Dec 2020 11:28 ICT

The public health office held a press conference today at Nakornping Hospital to inform the public that following concerns and effective contact tracing and testing measures after five new cases of the virus were confirmed recently, Chiang Mai has now gone 14 days since the date of entry of the last carrier.

The five people who were confirmed to have the virus over the past few weeks were all Thais illegally crossing the border from Myanmar at around the same time. They have all since been taken to hospital, quarantined and had their whereabouts traced, said a representative of the office. All tests of possible contacts have been repeatedly negative, he added.

All five are currently in good health and the representative told reporters to assure the public that Chiang Mai is a safe city to visit and live in.

The public health office asks the public to follow updates on the public health office’s various social media accounts and to beware of fake news which could distort the truth. They ask the public to trust in their information and announcements, saying that they have been transparent and truthful throughout the crisis.

He went on to say that while there are growing numbers of people crossing the border, officials believe that the border is now secure and those who have crossed over are all currently being quarantined and processed.