Powerful and affordable air purifier made by a Chiang Mai startup

 | Thu 4 Feb 2021 13:32 ICT

AirDeveloppa, a Chiang Mai based startup has designed and manufactured the AirCleaner Personal, an affordable (1,595 baht) and powerful air purifier with a Chiang Mai University-validated PM2.5 filtering performance. This new air purifier will provide clean air for low-mid income households in Thailand, effectively breaking the privilege barrier that existed before in order to purchase air purifiers.
Back in March 2019, Chiang Mai experienced one of the worst air pollution in the planet. The smoke was so dense that the whole city was covered by a thick layer of burnt biomass.

The company wanted to buy an air purifier to clean indoor air and an air quality monitor to measure the AQI on the spot, but looking at the market everything seemed to be expensive and being engineers and makers, they did some research and found out that they could develop their own air purifier and air quality monitor. This gave birth to their first prototype.

Using 3D printed enclosures and the circuit board for the air quality monitor, they began to develop the devices for commerce.

Based in Chiang Mai the team found a local factory to manufacture these products in bulk.

“My mission with my business is to be able to bring affordable and trustworthy air quality
products to everyone in Thailand and beyond.” Roberto Weiser, Founder and Engineering Design Lead at AirDeveloppa

“AirDeveloppa is also looking into the future. We have other projects lined up in order to create an Air Quality Ecosystem by providing a fusion between air purification, air monitoring and decision making. Our next product in line which has been fully developed is the AirCheck Mini, a portable AQI sensor that can connect automatically to the AirCleaner Personal,” said Weiser.

“AirDeveloppa is actively looking for business partners and investors that share our vision and could help us make our projects a reality. Kindly get in touch if you are interested.”

Developpa has sold around 1000 units of its air purifiers in Thailand.

The founder, Roberto Weiser born and raised in Venezuela from a German father and Venezuelan Mother, has been living in Chiang Mai for over three years and works as a freelance electronics engineer alongside managing daily operations for AirDeveloppa with the rest of the team.

Contact: [email protected], 061 325 3853
Website: developpa.io/airdeveloppa
Facebook: AirDeveloppa