New international school proposal challenges traditional education in Chiang Mai

 | Thu 20 Apr 2023 12:32 ICT

The home school community that caught the eye of the Education Minister last year has released an ambitious plan to build a very different kind of international school in Chiang Mai. Moving beyond traditional education models, the plan emphasises cutting-edge programmes focused on personalised learning and nurturing positive mindsets.

‘Technology is changing the world at a breakneck pace and outstripping traditional education systems’, explained Chas Begley, one of the report’s authors and Citylife Director. ‘The narrow academic pathways delivered uniformly to millions of children and tested by memory don’t make sense in a world where today’s students have the world’s knowledge in their pockets. Our students are learning how to navigate that world safely and effectively. We focus on developing critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy. We also want to promote a growth mindset and encourage individual empowerment for everyone in our community.’

The group’s home school opened in August last year with 10 children, and is now at capacity with a waiting list. The vision, however, extends far beyond that, with aspirations to create a not-for-profit primary and secondary education institution for 250 children.

“Releasing the proposal is a pivotal milestone, as it provides us with a clear roadmap to follow,” Chas elaborated. “This is a community collaboration where we’re working together to shape the future of education, and we welcome others to join us in making this a reality.”

To learn more about this exciting project and download the full proposal, visit the website and become a part of the movement that’s redefining education in Chiang Mai.