Education Minister visits international home school learning centre

 | Fri 16 Sep 2022 04:15 ICT

Despite only opening last month, a Chiang Mai parental co-operative home school has caught the eye of education policymakers, including hosting a surprise visit from the Minister for Education, Trinuch Thienthong, earlier today. Accompanying the Minister was Amporn Pinasa, the Secretary-General of the OBEC (Office of the Basic Education Commission) and a delegation from the Ministry looking to learn about alternative teaching arrangements from parents.

‘The Minister asked many questions about why we set up the homeschool.’, Mick, the mother of one of the children told us. 

‘We mentioned problems like bullying and fixed curriculums for all students. They asked about assessment and we told them we see the results for ourselves. We told her we were working on our plan. The Minister told us that she is a mother, she understands us and gives us her support.’

Another parent, Joy Rintaka, added, ‘As a mother, I truly appreciate that even though we are a small community, we got noticed. We introduced a new point of view to the Minister of Education for Thailand for the education of our kids. When you compare homeschooling to regular Thai schools, there is an incredible difference in education, as well as teaching children basic etiquette towards adults and friends, and always giving them the passion to learn.

Everyone, every child is different, and at this school we want to teach every child to respect others as equals. I want to thank the Minister of Education for Thailand for coming to visit us. I really do appreciate that they were able to open up and listen to our small homeschool community.’

The home school opened last month and offers education for children aged 6 to 12. It is the first step in a journey by parents to establish a non-profit international school based on the values they outlined earlier this year. 

Parents wanting to learn more about the home school can contact them here.