Citylife launches newly redesigned site

 | Thu 23 Apr 2020 13:50 ICT

CityNews – 23rd April 2020, today Citylife launches its redesigned web site at

Our web site was first launched in 1998, being one of the first web sites in the north of Thailand and certainly one of the longest standing. Over the years we have aimed to redesign and completely refresh our site every three to four years, and we cannot be prouder of this recent incarnation.

With nearly one million unique visitors expected to visit our site this year, and hundreds of people using it at any given time, this is THE English language web site for the north of Thailand. This latest redesign cannot come at a more important time, as more and more people look to our site for crucial information during this world pandemic crisis.

Our print version, previously called The Chiang Mai Newsletter, was first published in 1992 and over the years we have commented upon, acted as a mirror of, championed, investigated and shone a spot light on any number of issues Chiang Mai has faced, from writing about 1 baht IMF fried chicken during the Asian Financial Crash of 1997, fund raising for the tsunami in 2005, handing out magazines to bored soldiers in tanks in 2006, mourned our beloved king in 2016, got some international attention drawn to our pollution in 2018 and now keeping you current during these most extraordinary times.

Over the past year, as we have been working on our site, we have come across many feature articles which we have brought back to life and hope that you will find still very relevant, entertaining and informative. This newly designed site aims to allow you to browse and find quality content with greater ease…and trust us, we have plenty of content!

For 22 years this web site has been the main English language resource for the north of Thailand and we intend to continue to provide you with great articles, useful recommendations and fantastic entertainment.

Please take your time, visit different sections of our site, and we would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you may have for improvement.