Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health monitors new year’s gift baskets

 | Fri 6 Dec 2019 11:09 ICT

CityNews – In Central Food Hall, inside Chiang Mai Central Festival, on the afternoon of 4th December 2019, Dr. Narumon Khantrikul, head of consumer health protection division of provincial public health office of Chiang Mai, together with officers of consumer health protection randomly checked gift baskets including those for the new year festival.  They focused on labelling and expiry dates; and whether the labels have been shown for customers to see or inspect conveniently or not.  They checked whether there are any expired goods or broken items.

Dr. Narumon said since there was an announcement from the Ministry of Public Health regarding items sold in gift baskets, all items in any basket must be labelled to be clearly seen by customers to inform about types of goods and expiration dates.  Also, items in any basket must be of no higher price than those on the shelf and certified by food and drug administration as well as being within six months of expiration dates.  Any seller who violates the law will be fined not more than 30,000 baht.

Following inspection, officials found most baskets to be in accordance with the law with only a few items broken or expired.

Customers who find baskets to have been in violation of the regulation are invited to contact the public health hotline (สายด่วน อย.) 1556 at any time.