Central Pattana joins hands with ‘Kiztopia’ to introduce Thailand’s ‘Bouncetopia’, Asia’s biggest inflatable playground from Singapore at “Central Chiangmai” to serve as new attraction for tourists and local families

 | Thu 27 Jun 2024 19:27 ICT

Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s top real estate developer for sustainability, is highlighting the success of its business model of ‘The Ecosystem for All’ by joining hands with Kiztopia, the number one large premium children’s theme park from Singapore, to introduce Bouncetopia, the largest indoor inflatable playground in Thailand, covering an area of ​​over 2,000 m2. Experience a new form of fun together on 6 July 2024 on the 3rd floor of Central Chiangmai, the ‘Family Edutainment Destination’ with a brand-new attraction to enhance the potential of this northern tourist city.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer for Central Pattana plc, said: “As a ‘Place Maker’ that develops leading shopping centers nationwide, Central Pattana is continuing to move forward with the successful business model of ‘The Ecosystem for All’ and highlighting our strategic success as a global player that attracts the most global brands opening their first branches and expanding their businesses in Thailand at our Central shopping centers. We have recently joined hands with global partner, Kiztopia Group, the number one premium children’s theme park from Singapore, to launch a new fun experience, with the first branch of Bouncetopia inflatable playground in Thailand on the 3rd floor of Central Chiangmai – which is one of Central Pattana’s popular tourist malls. We envision the arrival of world-class brands will create further growth for all sectors and fulfil every need as a one-stop destination, thanks to our ‘Whole Journey’ strategy, which attracts tourists from both the start and finish points of their travel plans.”

“Bouncetopia will be Chiang Mai’s new attraction meeting the needs of family customers in Chiang Mai and nearby provinces in addition to tourists who are looking for fun and educational activities for their children. We believe that Bouncetopia will be the destination that strengthens Chiang Mai’s potential as a world-class destination for Thai and foreign tourists and also helps promote tourism and the economy in northern Thailand. We aim to ensure that Central shopping centers throughout the country become the ‘Center of Life’ for all visitors.”

Heidi Tian, founder and CEO of Kiztopia Group, said: “Chiang Mai is a high-potential province in all aspects, featuring convenient transportation, great tourist attractions that perfectly blend the local and international, and with a diverse population and an excellent geographic location. Moreover, we see market opportunities for amusement and theme parks in Chiang Mai due to the lifestyles of modern families who look for destinations for their children to enjoy fun adventures and great activities while practicing physical skills. That makes Chiang Mai an ideal strategic location for Bouncetopia, a new brand from Kiztopia, to create a fun experience of Asia’s largest inflatable playground, covering an area of ​​over 2,000 m2 at Central Chiangmai. The non-stop fun will be served at the first ‘Family Edutainment’ venue packed with family entertainment activities and we envision Bouncetopia will meet the needs of our customers in Chiang Mai with a target of 200,000-500,000 visitors within a year.”

“Kiztopia Group believes in the strength of Central Pattana’s retail ecosystem as various global brands have chosen to open their first stores/branches at Central Pattana’s shopping centers. This collaboration will help communicate our brand experience to families and take the Kiztopia Group to where we want to be. Kiztopia Group received great feedback from the opening of its first Kiztopia flagship theme park in Thailand at Central Westville in November 2023, followed by presenting Jumptopia inflatable playground events at Central shopping centers nationwide. We are confident that the new Bouncetopia at Central Chiangmai will receive a warm welcome from visitors, and Kiztopia Group plans to continue our partnership with Central Pattana to launch more theme parks at Central Rama 3 and Central Hatyai.”

Rattanathorn Sanha-urai, Director & General Manager Kiztopia Group, said: “Bouncetopia will ensure fun jumping and bumping, with ten newly-designed play zones – each zone is designed to connect with each other to ensure endless fun. Experience the new world of a beautiful fairytale castle in ‘Bell & Raby’s Royal Castle’, which includes obstacles with progressive difficulties and a mini-slide for little jumpers. Get ready for the highest slide (of 8 meters) in Chiang Mai in addition to the largest ball pit in Chiang Mai covering over 190 m2. Be sure to visit the special zone featuring a sandpit for little children called ‘Eli’s Sandpit’, where children can have fun scooping, measuring and weighing sand all-day long and a small inflatable zone that includes an inflatable rocking horse. Enjoy the ball toss and ring toss games in addition to unicorn trampolines. Strengthen your creative imagination at the Art & Craft zone, which offers special workshops from Kiztopia Singapore, where participants can take home their magnificent art work as a treasured souvenir. Enjoy the delicious food at Bell’s Café and have fun for your very own birthday party in the Kiztopia Party Room.”

“Bouncetopia with the concept of ‘Play to Learn, Learn through Play’ is a special space for children to unleash their creative energy and practice their social, emotional and motor skills through purposeful play. Bouncetopia provides a complete experience, where the whole family can spend endless time together playing, learning, building bonds and enjoying delicious meals all in one place.”

Every play zone meets the highest safety standards of Singapore and we use strong, durable materials utilizing paint that is not harmful to health when touched. Every spot in the playground displays high visibility warnings and caution signs for your family’s safety, in particular, for the tall and high-speed slides as well as instructions on how to correctly play in certain stations to ensure safety for all players. All staff have been trained to ensure the safety and orderliness of the playground and the zones for smaller and older children are appropriately allocated and monitored closely; the safety of every family is our top priority.

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