AIS and Thaivivat Insurance join hands to revolutionise the insurance industry

 | Fri 2 Aug 2019 10:46 ICT

Press Release

  • The first time in the world that AIS, the No. 1 IoT innovation leader and the first and only in Thailand with the eMTC network and NB-IoT are covering all 77 provinces nationwide. Bring NB-IoT motor Tracker for UBI solution to enhance the capabilities for the motor insurance business by Thaivivat Insurance Public Company Limited is the first insurance company to trust and choose to use the service.
  • Empowering On-Off motor insurance service by Thaivivat Insurance, which is an innovation in the motor insurance business that is designed to answer the lifestyle of digital car users who want to control costs, help customers to be protected and Pay As You Drive, save up the cost of insurance premiums to 40%.
  • Reinforcing AIS’s digital service provider with innovative NB-IoT, which is ready to fulfill all the needs of every industry, including developing to be practical on the most widespread network across Thailand. And for the first time in the world that has adopted the NB-IoT innovation to support the Usage Based Insurance (UBI) in the insurance business group.

Mr. Yongsit Rojsrikul, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of AIS said “AIS as a Digital Life Service Provider, we pay attention to the development of digital innovation to support the emergence of new Business Model which will help to create growth for the Enterprise Group, while enhancing the strength of Thailand in all aspects. At present, IoT innovation is the key to the development of Smart City to become a reality, and AIS has been trusted by many leading organizations in both public and private sectors to bring IoT solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of the organization continuously.

Recently, we are very proud that Thaivivat Insurance Public Company Limited has chosen to use the NB-IoT motor Tracker for UBI solution to enhance the efficiency of Thaivivat motor insurance product. The device will be able to send data in real-time via the NB-IoT network when starting and shutting down the engine of a car with On-Off motor insurance, and the insurance will be On and Off automatically — letting the insurance company receive accurate, correct, and sufficient information for the customers of the organization. It is the beginning of the introduction of NB-IoT technology to enhance the services of the insurance business, which is the service that concerned with the safety of life and property of Thais, and customers tend to focus more on the present.

Mr.Jirapan Assawathanakul, president and CEO of Thaivivat Insurance Public Company Limited, said “Thaivivat insurance as the leader of insurance innovation, we are committed to continuously developing insurance products and services for consumers to fit the demands of customers by bringing digital technology and innovation to increase efficiency and make a difference for the product. On this occasion, we are delighted to receive cooperation from AIS in bringing NB-IoT UBI Tracker to enhance our motor insurance service Top-Up and On-Off, which fixed the limitations of use On-Off from traditional users and will help which will help Thaivivat insurance to receive the accurate, correct, and sufficient information and able to efficiently serve our customers, which under this partnership will give customers a better and more comfortable motor insurance experience, and additionally being an answer to the Thai digital lifestyle.”

For the NB-IoT motor Tracker for UBI solution, it works by connecting to the vehicle tracking technology on the NB-IoT network. When starting a car, the IoT device will send the Engine Start rate via AIS IoT and process in Thaivivat Server, including sending a notification to the Thaivivat Motor application to automatically open the insurance (On) and when the engine is shutting down, the IoT device will return the Engine Stop rate automatically to close the insurance (Off) as well. This helps facilitate customers of Thaivivat Insurance not to waste time to click On-Off by themselves anymore or in case that the car is in a distant area, the device will collect the data and when connecting the NB-IoT signal again, it will send the information to the system immediately, so that the accuracy and correctness of the data is high, allowing the customer to receive coverage and pay the insurance premiums as the real use… Pay As You Drive, save up to 40% on motor insurance premiums.

However, customers who purchase On-Off motor insurance service will receive NB-IoT UBI Tracker equipment with internet for use during the insurance period instantly! Easy to install, plug the device into the USB Port in the car, and ready to use immediately. This is considered as the use of digital innovations to enhance the level of insurance products to the maximum benefit and be prepared to open to all other insurance businesses being able to use such equipment to increase the service potential in the future.

AIS is ready to provide digital services that developed for corporate customers in all industries covering from device supplies, IoT platforms software design and applications, world-class cloud computing systems for Data processing and storage, eSIM that is available to IoT devices on the AIS NB-IoT network covering all 77 provinces nationwide, and ready to consult with all organizations that interested in bringing IoT to work including the expansion of access to IoT technology to general customers. AIS has experimented with the sale of NB-IoT Motor Tracker, which is a solution that tracking small vehicle with NB-IoT network, via AIS Shop and AIS Online Store, and customers can apply in everyday life as needed. via AIS Shop and AIS Online Store, and customers can apply in everyday life as needed.

If customers are interested in NB-IoT Motor Tracker service and AIS Business service, you can contact Corporate call. Tel. 1149 or website