AIS 5G Thailand Virtual Expo is going big!

 | Fri 26 Jun 2020 16:43 ICT

AIS, Thailand’s largest digital network platform provider is continuing to lead the charge for digital innovation and progress.

The mega AIS 5G Thailand Virtual Expo will feature shops selling mobile phones, smart phones, IT related products and online products in what will be the largest event of its kind ever in Thailand.

VR technology is integrated into the event, all developed by Thais for Thais.

Find products from Samsung, Apple, Oppo, VIVO, Xiaomi, Realme, Oneplus along with numerous other smart devices amongst 450 shops.

Warm up your fingers by visiting AIS 5G Thailand Virtual Expo at from 29th June at 10am owards. Simply click onto the web site and shop shop shop…until the 3rd July!