46th person identified for Covid in Chiang Mai

 | Mon 7 Dec 2020 13:35 ICT

A 46th person has been identified with the Covid-19 virus, since the beginning of the pandemic, said the governor in an announcement on Saturday.

The governor said that this woman was working in a karaoke bar in Myanmar’s Tachilek across the border from Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai with patients 43 and 44 who were previously announced to have the virus and travelled into Thailand illegally together.

According to the governor there is no extra risk as the three travelled together and had the same contacts with others, all of whom have been identified tested, quarantined and contained.

This latest patient, a 26 year old woman, crossed the border with her colleagues on the 30th November and when her travel companions exhibited symptoms of the virus and sought testing on the 1st December, she too had a test. Her test, however, initially came back negative, but she had been put under quarantine in spite of the results.

On the 3rd December, the governor said, this woman herself exhibited symptoms and had another test, which came out positive.

There are no possible outside contacts to add to those currently found and no fear that these three women may have spread the virus further, the governor said.

He does urge citizens to remain vigilant and strictly follow all protocols.