4 Secret Places in Chang Moi Waiting for Your Exploration in Chiang Mai Design Week 2023

 | Sat 2 Dec 2023 00:18 ICT
The Chiang Mai Design Week 2023 is offering visitors an opportunity to take a journey in the area of Chang Moi, a hidden gem in the city, in a way that you haven’t done before.
Talking about a creative area in Chiang Mai on the tourist map, Nimmanhaeminda – Nimman for short – always stays on top in the eyes of visitors as it is well known as a stylish and exciting place where life never sleeps. Not many people know that Chang Moi is another up-and-coming area.
Chang Moi once was a commercial hub in the city. But time has changed and it diverted the activities of people to other places, leaving some buildings in the area unoccupied or relegating them to only storage places.
Chang Moi is coming back to life now as it appeals to young generations who appreciate the historical importance of the area and are confident about its potential in the future. They have blended the past with the present and showed how this community has been through over the years by bringing back bustling businesses and decorating the old shophouses with modern decoration.
The emergence of Chang Moi perfectly fits the theme of the Chiang Mai Design Week this year: Transforming Local.
Here are 4 secret places in Chang Moi for visitors to check out and check in
1. Wat Chom Phu Gates
Projection Mapping by Kor.Bor.Vor Visual.Label
All Chiang Mai residents know very well that the stupa or chedi at Wat Chom Phu was built to be the twins of the one at the famous Wat Doi Suthep. The gates at the temple are also important as they graciously display the old Lanna architecture style. Unfortunately, they are obscured by many houses built close to the temple compound.
The gates are one of the four hidden gems in Chang Moi.
A group of multimedia artists put all efforts into designing their project to unveil this secret location to elevate the elegance of the gates, with giant weaving artworks resembling the stupa to be a new landmark in the area.
2. The Connection Bridge
Projection Mapping by Kor.Bor.Vor Visual.Label
Another secret in the Chang Moi community is the Red Bridge, a small crossing over Klong Mae Kah, which has been used by local people to be a shortcut to Ratchawong Road for generations.
The artists are ready to take you through their creative digital art to show the lives of the locals in the neighborhoods and even transform the bridge from a pathway to another location where the guests should not be missed for their check-in.
3. Original Five
Projection Mapping by Kor.Bor.Vor Visual.Label
The next one is Five Shophouses in Soi 3 off Ratchawong Road. Once a trading district, the modern-style building is now under renovation to serve new businesses in line with the changing atmosphere in the area. Motion photos displayed at the shophouses tell the stories of Chang Moi from the old days when the old community was well known as a commercial center to what it is today.
4. Thana-Arkarn
Projection Mapping by Decide Kit
The last secret place in Chang Moi is Thana-Arkarn, which is one of the must-visit locations of the Chiang Mai Design Week this year.
The building once was a branch of a well-known commercial bank. Its facade is delicately designed to make it look like the ear of rice, which is the highlight of this architectural heritage.
The digital artists use lights, colours and sounds, and combine them with lively performances under the Ple Sarn Fun Project to tell the story of weaving handicrafts, which were famous for Chang Mai in the past and still are even today.
Chang Moi still has more to offer visitors than those secret places. Other activities include the “Len Yai: Performance Arts”, and the performing art designed by Chaiwat Lochotinant and produced by Apichai Tienvilairat. The performance brings together artists, performers and creators from various fields from more than 40 countries including Thailand to perform daily in eight locations in Chang Moi and Ratchawong Road during the nine-day innovative exhibition.
And don’t forget that Chang Moi is not the only area in the city to celebrate the festival this year. Lanna Folklife Museum in Chiang Mai’s Old Town presents lively workshops for visitors. Shoppers should not miss Pop Market where they can find and buy designed items, lifestyle products, souvenirs, food and fusion snacks. Behind the museum are another exhibition and creative activities presented by the Chiang Mai House of Photography.
The Chiang Mai Design Week 2023 starts from December 2 to 10, 2023.
For more information, please visit www.chiangmaidesignweek.com, and Facebook: Chiang Mai Design Week.