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Another Monk Found to be an Illegal Migrant

CityNews – A monk at Wat Jed Yod was found using a fake ID to cross the broader.

Immigration Division 5, Chiang Mai revealed on December 1st that Wat Jed Yod has turned in evidence that a monk used a fake ID to issue a passport to travel to China. The evidence includes his identification card, passport, photo portrait and his contact person who issued the document. The suspect monk is reportedly a Burmese national who illegally migrated to Thailand and ordained as a monk. He has gained his reputation as a sacred tattoo maker and has been travelling to China occasionally on the matter.

According to the immigration office, there are many such cases. Burmese teens would shave their heads and dress as monks when crossing broader into Thailand, according to immigration, and stay at temples until they eventually derive and assimilate into society. The matter is now under the investigation of Immigration Division 5.

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