Sugar Rush: Sachertorte Vienna Chocolate Cake by L’éléphant (Eng)

 |  December 18, 2017


Sachertorte Vienna Chocolate Cake by L’éléphant

The Sachertorte Vienna Chocolate Cake is a truly indulgent cake served up at the equally indulgent French restaurant L’éléphant. This cake, famed for its sweet apricot filling, has a history dating back over 180 years when, it is believed, the chef of a Viennese prince fell ill. A 16 year old kitchen apprentice stepped up and created this incredibly rich chocolate torte cake, which became an instant hit.
Chef and owner of L’elephant, Pathapee Moonkonkaew, has now introduced this famous Austrian dessert, with its ancient sweet notes, to Chiang Mai. Its sweet filling paired with the rich and slightly bitter chocolate pleases both Thai and foreign palates, with an extra layer of chocolate mousse on the top for good measure. Pathapee recommends eating this sweet with a hot cup of artichoke tea on the side.

Sirimangkalajarn Road, Soi 11
Open 12pm – 9pm (closed on Mondays)
Tel. 097 970 8947
Facebook: เลเลฟอง – L’éléphant