Street Spotlight: Larb Kai Pa Sin

 |  October 16, 2018


Larb Kai Pa Sin

The dazzling chef Susie of Mi Piace Chiang Mai introduced Spoon&Fork’s team to Auntie Sin Larb Gai. She spotted this humble place 18 years ago when she first moved here. Since then it is her favourite spot where she goes to enjoy the minced chicken spicy salad. Auntie Sin, the owner prepares dish by dish using domestic fowl, herbs and vegetables that she herself raises and grows. Since 2005 this place has gained in popularity among locals in Samoeng who buy food to take home or to offer it to the monk in the morning. Chef Susie’s favourite dishes are cooked minced chicken spicy salad (larb gai), turmeric chicken soup, chilli herbal pork soup (kang aom), minced beef spicy salad.

Larb Kai Pa Sin
T.Nong Khwai, A. Hang Dong (Road to Samoeng)
Open 6 – 7pm (close Sundays)
Tel. 087 484 0499
Facebook: ร้านลาบไก่ป้าศิล