Royal Cuisine: “ข้าวต้มสามกษัตริย์”ในรัชกาลที่ ๕ เมนูปัจจุบันทันด่วนกลางทะเล (Eng)

 |  February 15, 2018


Khao Tom Sam Kasat

Khao Tom Sam Kasat is a rice porridge which we at Spoon&Fork have never even tried as it’s so rare. This rice broth was created a hundred years ago when Rama V visited Petchaburi and villagers presented it to him. Made like a normal pork rice porridge, but using shrimps, mackerel and squid instead, this was declared to be the best tasting porridge which His Majesty talked about for many years after he first tried it. Today you can find this dish in Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi and Petchaburi each August, as that is when the fishing produces the best catches.


Khao Tom Sam Kasat

TIME Riverfront Cuisine & Bar by Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort presents what His Majesty King Rama V claimed was the best rice soup, now a royal traditional recipe that comprises mackerel, shrimps and giant squid.